Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright
Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears - QLbright

Super Tough Stainless Steel Shears

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Cut directly into your dish, BBQ, or cooking pan with these super tough stainless steel multitool shears. . When compared to knives, these kitchen shears are not only easier to use, they're a lot more efficient and convenient. You can cut things faster and do not need a cutting board.  Made of super tough stainless steel, and designed to make the toughest barbecue and kitchen cutting tasks easy.

These super tough shears can be the ultimate help in your kitchen! They are incredibly useful to have, but not just for their scissoring ability; they are a kitchen multitool!

These are made of super sharp and hardened stainless steel, and can easily cut through meat, chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables and more., and can also scrape scales from fish, break nuts, and open bottles. These can make your life in the kitchen so much easier. Forget about the inconvenience of cutting boards and knives!

These amazing shears are also ideal to take with you when cooking outdoors. You can safely carry them in your bag with their protective cap on without risk of damage to your belongings. Easy to clean, rust resistant, easy to use and store! Also a great gift for family or friends.

Aside from snipping herbs, cutting open food packaging, and breaking down poultry, here are other good reasons why these pair of scissors can be the best addition to your kitchen:

✂ Cut up raw bacon with ease! Cutting uniformly through raw, slippery bacon with a knife can be frustrating and unattainable. With these shears, bacon slices are straight and accurate every time.

✂ Easily snip through all breads Pizza, pitas, quesadillas, foccaccia, even stale bread can be cut into cubes for croutons, and the crusts should be snipped off too.

✂ Quickly remove thyme or other herbs leaves from fresh sprigs Rather than stripping off herbs sprigs, which can be fragile and break, or picking off the leaves one at a time, simply hold the herbs and chop off the leaves with scissors in one hand.

✂ Make any food toddler-friendly Parents eagerly await the day when their children can eat "regular" food, but that milestone also means cutting everything into mini-bite-sized pieces. From spaghetti to bagels, use scissors to cut everything into appropriately sized pieces and say goodbye to messy and laborious meal slicing.

✂ Cut up dried fruit It can be a painstaking process to hand-chopped dried fruit and even more challenging to process it through a food processor. However, with these scissors, you will not have this issue.

✂ Mess-free way to chop whole canned tomatoes Snip away by pointing the blades directly into the can. Any canned or jarred food will work, like for example pineapple rings and roasted red peppers.

✂ Roast a chicken in half the time Cutting through the breastbone or cutting out the backbone is an easy way to lay the chicken flat before roasting-both tasks can be easily accomplished with these shears.

✂ Streamline lazy chopping Have you ever made a soup or stir-fry that could have used smaller pieces of some ingredient? With these shears you can cut too-large pieces right in the pan or even after the food has been plated.

✂ Bruise-free shredding of leafy greens and herbs Using a sharp knife when slicing scallions, chives, and basil is essential in order to avoid bruises and incomplete slices. Clean cuts can ebe achieved with these scissors. And you can also do this to garnish food.

✂ Prune away unsightly blemishes on vegetables To remove black spots from cauliflower heads, use the shears blades' sharp edges. To remove potato "eyes," carefully use scissor tips.

✂ Remove undesirable parts with less mess Use these shears instead of scrubbing a brand-new cutting board and knife. With one hand, hold a bunch of green beans end-side up while using the other to snip off all the ends. Additionally, trim off any extra fennel stalks, artichoke tips, or carrot tops over a trash can.


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